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Posted by / 27-Aug-2017 11:26

With over 3,500 products available in our store, some may feel a little overwhelmed when choosing the right product.

You needn’t worry, our staff have all the information pertaining to our products and are very happy to discuss the attributes of any given product with you, that way, you can decide if a product is right for you.

In this section we have a great selection of wholegrain pasta and the largest range of wholegrain flours we have ever seen!

If you're new to wholefoods, our PDF Dive into wholefoods might be interesting.

Wholefoods are the 'whole' of the food, packed with goodness: 'food as nature intended'.

The more we learn about how our bodies work, the more the evidence points to eating all of the food (that is, the wholefood) as being best. Dried fruit: we stock both organic and non-organic dried fruit.

We are sometimes asked why our organic dried apricots are a darker colour to the dried apricots in the supermarket.

Dried fruit is excellent for committed organic wholefood eaters - though like everything else, should be eaten in moderation, so as not to add too many calories to your diet.

Nuts: are an important ingredient in a wholefood diet, giving many essential minerals and fibre.

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Nuts are high in unsaturated fat, which helps maintain a healthy heart.